Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Studs & Gleequins, Oh My!

Hey all,
Happy Wednesday :|
I went on a work field trip today. To deal with thousands upon thousands of postcards.
Organizing, labelling and counting. Lifting a ton of boxes. Jamming my hands into paper. 
3 wonderful hours. And save for one ugly chip, my manicure held up!   
It was a great workout. Not to mention it seemed to keep my creeping cold at bay.
No complaints here. Just body tired. My mind is active though. 
The same song still going through it like it has all day.
Just brewed up a mug of... lemon myrtle tea...
I'm getting comfy...
Dancing with Mylie...
Doing whatever we waaant...
Did that just come out? :P
Pardon me!

I got some new toys recently. So I tested them out with a few simple (a nice word for boring) manis.
First up... Studs!

All I can say is sexy, sexy, sexy.*clap clap* 
Everything I wanted them to be!

OPI - In the Cable Car Pool Lane (2 Coats)
Such a beautiful deep burgundy. The formula has just a hint of jelly to it.

And then.. Gleequins!
I was compelled by the silver holographic diamonds.
In indirect light they look like pieces of mirror, and make me think of the Indian fabrics my mother loves.

And in direct light   *KABOOM*   Holographic fantasy.
I took this photo a day or so after painting, and a few of the gleequins had curled.

Cult Nails - Discipline (3 Coats)
This is such a lovely delicate grey. The shimmer is outstanding, flashing from pink to blue to purple.
It's a bit sheer, but regardless, the formula was splendid.

Maybe it's the gleequins lending this mani a space age feel, 
but I couldn't help thinking that Discipline must be what alien flesh looks like.
I kept seeing flashes of Roger from American Dad.
What the hell brain?!

Well I hope you enjoyed my boring manis. :P
I really enjoyed wearing them.
Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

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