Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sweet Heart Polish - Isn't It Wonderful

Hey all,
I have a half dozens manicures waiting for their turn on the blog.
And instead of going in the usual chronological order, I'm skipping the line!
Today I'm breaking my rules man! D:
I'm just too excited and impressed.
This is my first time trying Sweet Heart Polish, and it definitely wont be my last.
I give you...
Isn't It Wonderful
indirect natural light 
Isn't It Wonderful is a purple jelly base full of gold shimmer and iridescent bar glitter.
I fell in love with it from the first moment I saw it.  
And when I painted it on, holy crap, like buttah!!
The most amazing effortless formula, even dealing with the bar glitter at the tips was a breeze.
indirect natural light
At first I was hesitant about the bar glitter, but it just looked so damn cool.
Do you also find yourself torn by bar glitter?
Well my friend, this is the polish for you!
indirect natural light
Micro bar. That's the wave of the future! Smaller, less annoying, prettier.
And iridescent! It's like shimmery ghost glitter! Not obnoxious, but a gentle foray into bar glitter.
Then there's the shimmer...
I mean, I could be sitting here all night talking to you about how wonderful this polish is.
direct natural light
I used two coats and the visible nail line wasn't nearly as noticeable as in the photos.
indirect artificial light
I accented with neon green stars from Daily Charme. So damn cute! 
indirect artificial light
Isn't It Wonderful
Why yes. Yes it is.
You can hook yourself up at Sweet Heart Polish's etsy store

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