Monday, 23 June 2014

Sweet Heart Polish - The Magpie's Treasure

Hey all, 
Today is a special day!
(And not just because it's my little brother's 13th birthday.)

Today is The Mercurial Magpie's one year blogversary! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
And because Kirby is the type to go big or go home
she's put together an epic giveaway with 30 prize packs to be won!
In true Magpie fashion it's INSANE! So be sure to check it out here.
Kirby has been a really awesome bloggin buddy.
Always there to answer my dumb questions and mule me American polish. <3
Not to mention her killer sense of humour :)
When she said she was having customs made for her blogversary and would I like to swatch one
I was like, hell yes girlfriend! Anything you need! jeebjeeb's on the job for you!
So without further ado I give you...

Sweet Heart Polish - The Magpie's Treasure

This glitter topper is cra-zy!
We're talking blue, silver and black. Circles, hexes and... the best part? Mini stars!!
Just loaded to the brim with a cornucopia of awesome.
This polish perfectly encapsulates it's name.
I can totally imagine a bird finding this shiny specimen and taking it back to it's nest.

I was unsure as to which base colour would perfectly show off these glitters.
So I consulted my ascetic assistant, Lucas, and he instantly replied with "yellow".
He has some major flashes of brilliance, I tell you what.
My favourite yellow of the moment is KBShimmer - Chick Me Out
and I think it totally rocks as undies for this dazzling array.

Those little fricken star glitters! Do you love them? I sure as hell do!
As you can tell by the watermark, I swatched this a while ago.
It was my first time trying Sweet Heart Polish and I was super impressed.
This is ONE coat of glitter. Absolutely no fishing required. Easy peasy glitter-teasy!

It's been really awesome watching Kirby's blog grow. Exponential to say the least!
Even when she was working 65 hour weeks she was still consistently banging it out.
I'm so proud and awed at how diligent and... well... crazy she is! ^_^
What a remarkable year it's been for The Mercurial Magpie.
Here's to many, many more.

If you like The Magpie's Treasure it is available for purchase from Sweet Heart Polish.


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