Saturday, 28 June 2014

Scofflaw Steps

Hey all,
Of course as soon as the weekend approaches, so do the rain clouds.
Was it me? Did I do it?
Should I not have said "let's go to a lake this weekend"?
Is it because I just received polish I want to swatch in the sun? 
How did I anger the weather gods and what can I do to set things right?
If there's a rain dance, there must also be a sun dance.
And if there is I hope it involves lots of headbanging.

During a recent sale I decided to try out some NailVinyls.
I LOVE tape manis. They're the first kind of nail art I tried and excelled at.
But I hate cutting out pieces of tape. It's so finicky and time consuming.
If you're with me on this you'll love NailVinyls!
They have quite an awesome assortment of vinyls for all your tape mani needs.
Lightening bolts, chevrons, classic french tips... something for everyone.
 For my first try I decided on a simple getting to know you manicure.

I used a base of A England - Encore Margot then laid down Chevron vinyls
and covered it in Scofflaw - Love Letter From Scofflaw

Love Letter from Scofflaw is a super interesting black polish loaded with silver flecks & red and pink sparkles.
I really love the warmth it has, like the glow of dyeing embers.
And the nail vinyls worked perfectly! Such a breeze to use.
I highly recommend for all tape mani aficionados.
Next time I'm trying out the lightening bolts! So excited.
Alright people, I'm off to the dentist now.
Yep, on a Saturday morning because I'm a masochist.
Have a good one!

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