Monday, 2 June 2014

Intense-Peacock Watermarble

Hey all,
 I've been trying to make a conscious effort to do more watermarble manicures. 
They are a strange and mysterious beast, and I wish to tame and control.
It's my summer project!
Mastering the marble.
One psychedelic confection at a time.

artificial lighting
 The Mercurial Magpie sent me some L.A. Girl polishes after hearing me lust after them. ^_^
(Thanks girl, you rock! :* )
I used Intense (bright pink) and Peacock (green) over my go to white, Zoya - Purity.

artificial lighting
  I topped the watermarble with a coat of Model City Polish - Seize the Rainbow
Because why not? I want to cover every mani with this stuff!  

This one hand is totally green and pink zebra! I never even noticed that.
Watermarbles are like inkblots or clouds.
Everyone has their own take on it. Lucas said taffy. I totally agree. 

 And here's some super direct sunlight for you!
The colours weren't really that washed out I swear!
Where are my sunglasses? Wait, I'll just turn down my screen...
Have a great week!

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