Saturday, 9 March 2013

A-England, A-mazing

Hey all,
Happy Saturday!
It's shaping up to be a pleasant afternoon here on the west coast. I'm going to spend it hermitting :)  But I will get out of the house for dinner and enjoy the evening sun with some of my favorite people. Do you have any plans for today?
This week I received my order of A-England nail polishes! I've heard so many good things and have wanted to try them out for quite a while. Believe everything you read, A-England polishes really are amazing!


The base colour is Tristam.
Holographic particles shimmer in the deep indigo base.
It's mysterious and luxurious.
The formula is incredibly dense and just a dream to apply.
Had I been more careful it would definitely be a one coat polish.


Stamping with A-England is just WOW! It leaves me breathless.
I used Excalibur, a beautiful silver platinum.
 It was probably the best polished I've ever used for stamping.
So pigmented, crisp and easy.


The wear on this polish is fantastic. The above shot was taken after two full workdays.
I was due to paint my nails today, but I can't. I think this manicure is just too fabulous. I need one more day!
What do you think? If you haven't tried A-England yet, I urge you.
You will not be disappointed. 


That's all for now folks. I would usually do a bit more ranting about random something or other, but I'm having an "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything" kind of day. I will have more to say on that in the next post.
Have a great weekend and an awesome manicure!

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  1. Still madly in love with these. Tristam is just perfect.


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