Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pink Polka

Hey all,
How's your weekend going? I think I'll be having a snuggley day in with the cat. She's desperate for love. I'm typing with one hand at the moment, as she's refusing to leave my other hand alone. What a fluffy little ball of affection and agitation. 

This week I happened upon a brilliant source of inspiration. 
Yayoi Kusama

Her works are so simple yet incredibly complex. It is so much more than polka dots. Consciousness, space, shape, the unity of all things. The worlds she creates excite me. And, my god, she looks like Miss Swan on acid! (anybody watch old MadTV episodes?) She's been using polka dots in her work since she was 10, and at 83 years old, she's still creating. What a force.

I dedicate this manicure to Yayoi. The first of many :)

I need to practice with my dotters, I'm not as precise as I'd like to be. But I'm happy enough with the outcome.
What do you think? Would Yayoi like it? 
There's something about this that makes me think of suckers on an Octopus.

The palette is a bit more subdued that Yayoi's works. 
I told myself I wasn't allowed to use blue or green, they dominate my thinking.
I decided on two favorites I've been ignoring as of late
 Zoya - Sari and Essie - Off The Shoulder
I love these pinks. They're both perfect for completely diametric reasons.
Sari is the most delicate nude pink and Off The Shoulder is brilliantly vivid without being garish.

If you're doing any major drinking to celebrate St. Patrick's, I salute you and wish you good luck.
Although I'm feeling 100% better than I was last post, I will not be partaking :P
I'll be good to my body instead. Have two drinks max. Do a bit of yoga.
And give this sweety a good brushing. What an awesomely boring adult plan.

Have a great weekend and an awesome manicure!


  1. I'm always a little shocked when you use pink, I don't know why :S BUT this is awesome. Seems like you got the dotter down. And as soon as you said octupus suckers I literally went "yes! totally." job well done.

    1. Ha! That's funny. I don't know why either, but I totally get it. My personality doesn't exactly scream pink :)

  2. I think this one is too CUTE! I love the pink circles.


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