Sunday, 31 March 2013

Saran Space Out

Hey all,
Hope you're having a great Easter weekend. It has been so insanely beautiful out. I made my little bro accompany me downtown yesterday while I did some spring shopping. And it was so nice I was down to my tank top, in March! I'm super apprehensive. This can't last. The universe must balance itself, right? What kind of shit storm will end up befalling us??? 
Ha. Everything's sunshine and lollipops and I'm little miss doom and gloom. I need to learn to just enjoy the good. And to hell with whatever bad follows. 

Lucas and I have been on a bit of an alien/ sci-fi movie kick lately. He told me about the phenomena referred to as The Phoenix Lights, totally fascinating, google it! There's a documentary even, which is pretty compelling. Then we watched The Fourth Kind. Good fun. If you liked Paranormal Activity you'll like this. And anything with Milla Jovovich has my vote ;) 

It's no wonder my current manicure is partially inspired by the theme of space.

Space and this yo-yo. 
The YoYo Factory Chaotic.

Seems pretty random, I'm sure. But no. I look at yo-yos a lot. Lucas has been yo-yoing for around 3 years now. 
(He can do some pretty crazy stuff, it's very cool.)

He looks at yo-yos and tricks like I look at nail blogs. Constantly! You wouldn't believe how inspiring they are for nail art. There are so many splattered yo-yos with bold colour combinations. 
Go to and be amazed!

This particular yo-yo always stuck out in my mind. 
There's something fantastic about it.

I painted my nails yellow, let that dry then painted a layer of blue and used saran wrap to recreate the look of the yo-yo.
I just had to use a few of the Big Ruby nail tattoos for some added interest.

One hand is a lot more yellow, and the other is more blue. I just can't saran the same with each hand. :P
I like them both though. They're super summery. Reminds me of popsicles for some reason.
What do you think? Far out?

I used two polishes from Nubar's new My Sweet Escape collection.
My New Obsession & Resort Yellow

Resort Yellow is a perfect bright true yellow. Not a tinge of orange. Looks great in two coats. This is my new go-to yellow :)
I can't really say much about the blue since it's my first time using it and it's smooshed on top of a yellow.
Both are a tad bit runny, but manageable.

I'm happy to say I'm 50% done my current crochet project! 
No pictures till it's all done though.
(You do already get to see it in every post :P)

I hope everyone is still having a great weekend.
I've got to get back on the porch with my little beast.
Outside crochet and kitty time<3
Have a great day and an awesome manicure!

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