Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Blu Skies

Hey all,
How's your week going? I started my week well. I finished reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was a fun book. If you enjoy violent mysteries, I definitely recommend it. I liked it so much I had to keep going and started the second book. I meant to post yesterday actually, but I just couldn't tear myself away. It feels good to voraciously read again. I used to constantly digest fiction when I was younger. But then it petered off to one or two books a year :S Hopefully the tide has changed and I will return to my bibliophilia.
What also made the beginning of the week great was two beautiful days of sunshine! Exactly what I had wished for. On Sunday I sat in my window and painted my nails to match the sky.

I used Zoya - Blu as my base. It is the most fantastic and delicate robin's egg blue.
And I'm not usually into baby blues. But this one has sophistication.

For the accent finger I used one thick layer of Zoya - Nyx
and my handy dandy stripping tape

I love the textures. It feels so cool!
And looks super awesome, I think.
What do you think?

The PixieDust & Lovely Collections are made for each other <3
I can't wait to put more combinations together. 

Kit-Kat also got to enjoy her first day on the patio this year. Trolling for spiderwebs may resume! She loves spiderwebs. They're candy to her.
I hope everyone has a great week and an awesome manicure.


  1. That blue is just beautiful.
    I love how you kept it simple but it's still totally unique. love it!

    1. Thank you D.
      I didn't want to over do it.
      If I was an art teacher I'd say "let the colours speak for themselves"


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