Monday, 11 March 2013

Rock Solid Splatter

Hey all,
I would like to start this post off by saying, this is the first manicure I've done while hungover. Not just hungover, but completely destroyed. And not just because of alcohol. I destroyed myself by headbanging. Yes, headbanging. If you don't know what I'm talking about, goggle it. I went out Saturday night and saw Electric Six for the 3rd time. I enjoyed it immensely...maybe too immensely. I really rocked it. As a result my neck and shoulders have been so stiff and sore, you would think I'd been in an accident. I feel like Joan Cusack in Sixteen Candles.

And I did it all to myself and enjoyed every minute of it. My god I'm bizarre.
My manicure is a reflection of how I feel inside. A bloody mess. 

But man did it turn out nice. I love splatter. Simple yet effective.
I really like the colour combo, for some reason it reminds me of Cookie Monster 
Does that make any sense? :S

I used Sally Hansen - Brisk Blue, Orly - Rock Solid & Zoya - Dove
Rock Solid is so awesome. You can't tell from my nails,
 but it has amazing holographic particles. Just look at that bottle shot! Drooling.

What do you think? Hot mess or just a mess?

I think it's only right that I share the song that did me in. It was damn Dance Commander. I'm pretty sure it was the last song, my final hurrah. And like the song says, you must obey the dance commander. And so I did. :) I tried to find a live version but they were all over 6 minutes, even I couldn't finish them. So this time you get a music video. Enjoy!

I'm going to take it easy and hopefully in a few days I'll be back to normal. I regret nothing :)
Have an awesome week and a great manicure!


  1. The cookie monster notion is so spot on.
    The colours are really great together.
    You always do the most amazing splatters!

    1. Thank you for confirming my cookie monster belief. It was such a strange thought.
      I used a straw from a juice box this time. It worked perfectly! Try it!! :D

  2. The nails look amazing Gio! I bet it`s not easy to do when u feel like crap! I wish u a speedy recovery : )

    1. Thanks Dave. It wasn't easy, I'm such a hangover wimp, but pain is all part of creation :P


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