Sunday, 7 July 2013

Beachy Stripe

Hey all,
I was at my drugstore yesterday when I couldn't help checking out the polish on the clearance rack.
Usually I'm really good about this, I almost never buy polish in real life.
But there they were, calling to me. So I had to adopt two.
Salley Hansen - Soy Latte & Quo by Orly - Beyond the Sea

Unfortunately the bottle shot doesn't show off the beautiful teal simmer in Beyond the Sea.
It has such crazy depth and mysterious flash. Totally oceanic.
I think I must have been drawn to Soy Latte because it makes the perfect sandy counterpart.

As soon as I left the store I felt like I had to go home right away and combine the two!
I was already planning some vertical stripes, but when I saw this manicure by Pointless Cafe I knew it was a must.
We even have the same colour combo! Just one of those kind of days, tuned into the collective unconscious.

Look at that beautiful shimmer!

I don't usually go in for shimmer. But when it looks this much like beautiful sparkling water, all defences down.
This is the best impulse buy/manicure in a long time :) When the mood hits,do it!
I really like these colours and am very excited with their possibilities. 
What do you think?

I don't know about soy lattes, but I will say this polish is exactly the same colour as my tea with milk this morning.
And for some reason, that makes me incredibly happy :)

I hope everyone's enjoying the end of the weekend.
Do anything fun? Get out in the summer sun?
I'm going to try to crochet my ass off tonight, since I've been lazy this weekend :P
Just need a good movie to work away to. Any recommendations?
Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

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