Saturday 6 July 2013

Holographic Citrus Dance Party

Hey all!
Last night I had the pleasure of seeing The B-52's in concert!
It was a childhood dream come true.

Months ago I was lamenting to a co-worker how my biggest regret was missing them last time they were in town.
And the very next day at lunch I see in the newspaper "B-52's on sale today!"
It was meant to be. Praise be to the music gods!

For a group with their kind of sound, bright and colourful nails were a must! 
Something goofy and fun.
So I opted for a holographic citrus skittle!

So much holo goodness! (drooling)
And I'm thirsty for lemonade.

direct sunlight
indirect sunlight

What do you think?
Bright goofy and fun enough for you?
I'm not usually a big fan of skittle manis.
But if it's holographic, anything goes.
Too much is not enough!

I used Nubar - Reclaim and 
Color Club - Kismet, Cosmic Fate & Miss Bliss

I dragged Dagadelic  to the show with me of course.
I cannot wait for her to post her concert mani.
We were totally on the same wave length. :)
So check her out soon!

Dagadelic also sent me this amazing live performance on Saturday Night Live in 1980.
They were so fantastic. And I'm proud to say they still are.
They've totally got it. Super high energy and just... happy.
You can always feel it when an artist is genuinely having fun performing.
It sparkles the performance. And their show was just as dazzling as my manicure. 

Hope everyone's having an excellent weekend. 
I spent my morning recovering from last night.
But it was totally worth it. :)
Have a great night and an awesome manicure.

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