Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pretty & Polished - April Showers

Hey all,
Happy Sunday morning.
I've been in a get up and go mood. 
Which means cleaning the house for 20 minutes while I make my first cup of tea.
Don't ask me why, sometimes I'm so full of energy and drive right after I've woken up, it's scary.
Seems I do best when I'm running on empty, denying myself the gratification of a warm beverage.
I'll do anything for that first cup. But usually it's dishes and general tidying.
Then I can relax, surf the web, crochet. I just have to work for it.
Then I spend the rest of my day completely undisciplined. :P

Last week I received a couple beauties from Pretty & Polished.
I was so excited about April Showers, I had to put it on immediately.

April Showers is a colour changing polish. When warm the base is white. When cold, blue.
I think it's so cute white. It makes me think of blueberry yogurt or something.

It's full of shiny blue circles, matte blue hexes in 3 sizes and very small white iridescent hexes. 

The best part is how each base colour hides or brings out a certain glitter.

When blue, the small white hexes really shimmer, and the matte hexes recede.
I love it like this too. Like a shimmery robin's egg.
However, I didn't get to enjoy it like this very often, due to summer weather. 
But I did have a lot more fun washing my hands :) 

On this hand I got two of the largest size of hex. I didn't even know they were in there!
I absolutely adore this polish. Extremely fun and cute! 
What do you think?

Kit-Kat has been enjoying the warm weather. 
And I hope you have too.

Time to get my crochet on!
I'm getting close to the end of a project!
I can almost taste it.

Have a great Sunday and an awesome manicure!

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