Saturday, 13 July 2013

Metallic Accents

Hey all,
How was your week?
Since my last post I've been grooving on accent fingers.
Specifically beautiful metallics accenting stunning cremes.
I guess I've been a bit lazy art wise, but I feel the colours speak for themselves.
I painted two accent manicures this week (I told you I was grooving!) so you get a 2 for 1 :)

I wore my Beachy Stripe mani for two days before I was hankering for something royal.
 I wear this combo so infrequently. In fact, it may even be my first gold/purple mani. :S

I used Nubar - Pyramid Purple as my base. 
It is a perfect grape flavoured purple, though the photos come out a tinge more brown than real life.
It is deep, but still a very bright and vibrant shade.
I would recommend to anyone looking to expand their purple collection. ( ;) D)

The gradient was done with Zoya - Solange 
It is the perfect crowning glory for this royal manicure.
I applied two coats of Poshe topcoat to really make it dazzle. 
It makes me think of a sunset (or maybe a sunrise, but I haven't seen one of those in years :P)

After that fantastic manicure I needed to cleanse my palette with teal. (I love teal. I'm an absolute teal freak.)
And some silver! Why not? A complete opposite flavour!

I decided to use my Cheeky Viva Mexico stamping plate for Aztec-y goodness.
It NEVER disappoints. drooling...
I'm in love with this. So crisp and bold!
What do you think?

I used Topshop - Jewel in the Crown as my base.
The formula is superb! No streaks. And when it dries, the finish is like stained glass.
Oh, and the colour! Fantastically rich, this is aptly named.

 I stamped with A-England - Excalibur - the old version
I'm really sad there's a new version. I think this is the perfect silver, hands down.
And stamping with it is an absolute dream! Sigh...
I'll be on the lookout for this baby. I need to stock up.

I'll be mixing it up soon. Take an accent mani break for a bit.
But when the mood strikes, I say go with it.
I don't know about you, but every time I decide to paint my nails I usually have an immediate impulse about what I should do.
And I find that if I don't listen to that voice, I end up completely unsatisfied with my nails, even if they're amazing.
Everything I do comes from the gut. I don't plan or strategize, I just feel. 
And then puke it out.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend.
I have my day planned tomorrow, but there will be more on that next post :)
And another session of On The Turntable coming up, I promise!

Have a great day and an awesome manicure!

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