Sunday, 21 July 2013

piCture pOlish - Citrus

Hey all,
Two posts in one day?! What in the heck?
I just really want to catch up. :)
And this polish speaks for itself!

I've been having a fantasy love affair lately.
After countlessly drooling over this Pointless Cafe swatch I could no longer stand it!
piCture pOlish - Citrus had to be mine!

It is the perfect orange! 
Very opaque and incredibly saturated,
piCture pOlish does not disappoint with this creme formula.
Lucas always comments on the lack of orange in my collection. 
It's not for lack of trying, but generally I find them to be too sheer, streaky and watery.
Not this time. Complete satisfaction!

I was feeling the citrus vibe and used stripping tape to create an accent with Sally Hansen - Lickety Split Lime
These colours are so perfect together. I see a gradient in their future :)

I'm so excited for Wednesday :D 
One of my favourite bands is coming to town!
The Heartless Bastards!
They are so awesome live, I cannot wait. 
And I get to share it with some of my favourite people.
 They've never seen them before :) Oh are they in for a treat.
Here's a treat for all of you. Skin and Bone, my favourite song off their newest album.

Have a great night!

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