Saturday, 12 January 2013

Holographic/Nude Gradient Manicure with stamp

Buenos noches! 
Hope everyone had a great Saturday. I went to the dentist. Yay :| So I'm making it up to myself with tea and art! Mmmmm... soul food. In keeping with trying to be more creative I decided to do a gradient with a stamp overtop. I love gradients. Simple to do, visually stunning and the sky's the limit when combining colours. Here's just the gradient on it's own. 

I decided to pair a holographic (Colour Club - Cloud 9), just a smidgen of a jelly (Zoya - Paloma) and a nude (Zoya - Sari)

I think it's pretty stunning. And also one of the most girly manicures I've done in a while. I used the nude, Sari, as my base. I love Sari. Not only is it an amazing light pink nude, it's also my mum's name. I plan on giving her a namesake manicure soon, but I'm keeping it a secret until then.

Here's the holographic shining in the winter sun. It was a wonderfully beautiful day today.

Once I got back from the dentist I reward myself with a stamp job! Something that wouldn't take away from the gradient, but add more visual interest. So I decided on a strange abstract pattern of random x's in Quo by Orly - Red Hot.


Each finger is stamped uniquely. I could say it was for aesthetic purposes but that's only half true. The stamper I use is red, which makes it incredibly hard to place a red design. So I embrace the chaos. Which finger is your favorite?



You may wonder why I do the mugshot. Well I love tea just as much as I love nail art. And whenever I do my nails you can bet I'm drinking tea. I have four artisan mugs that are my children and are in constant rotation. So I'd like to show them some love. Oftentimes my manicure has perfectly complimented my mug. Totally unconscious I swear.

Now on to spinning a yarn...

What's in the yarn bowl today?

100% sugar cane yarn! :O I love exotic fibres. They fascinate me. I was so excited I bought 3 different colourways! They're just beautiful. The yarn has incredible shine and is so soft! I had planned to make a scarf for my brother in law out of the yarn pictured in the bowl. I bought it online and it appeared darker on screen than in reality. When I received it I asked a few work mates if it was too girly, and they assured me it wasn't. But once I started working it I realized it was too feminine for a 22 year old guy. Sigh. Oh well. I guess that means some one else special will get to have it. :)

Here it is in Ninja Star stitch. Gorgeous <3

My muse and mascot Kit would like to wish you all a great weekend, good night and a gorgeous manicure!


  1. Such an awesome blog post! I love how you're revealing all of your passions gradually.

    And I love the nude mani! Cloud nine is just so amazing for so many things.

    Out of all the stamped fingers I think I'm going to have to vote for the right thumb (or what is the right thumb in the photo).

    1. oh crap, good question! Lucas took the picture so the thumb on the right is my left thumb, and the thumb on the left is my right.


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