Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year, New Blog

Alright. First blog here we go.


My name's Gio. But you can call me Jeeb Jeeb. 
I'm a crafty, introverted Sagittarius. 
There is  nothing right now that gets me more excited than crochet and nail polish. From time to time I will share my current crochet project, but mostly this blog will be dedicated to nail polish.
In less than a year nail art has totally bewitched me. The tiniest canvas can be the most inspiring. Not only can it change your look, it can change your mood!
I was inspired by my good friend +Dagmara Suszczynska  (of Dagadelic) to start my own blog. I've been doing my nails for less than a year and I've been so lucky to have her nail knowledge and good taste guiding me. 
There's so much great nail art out there. It's time to share. New year, new ventures.

And speaking of new year, here's my "Good Morning 2013" manicure.

I had a really good New Years Eve. Wonderful even. And the next day was a perfect start to the year. I felt sleepy, peaceful and at ease. I wanted my nails to reflect that. I'm wearing Dove by Zoya and decals bought from Nail polish Canada.

Well that's all for now. More to come very soon.
Have a good night and a great manicure.



  1. Yay! I'm so happy that you've decided to take it on. I can't wait to see what your blog turns into. And I LOVE the title of your blog! Welcome to the blogger world! :)

  2. Thanks D :)
    The title came to me in some fit of inspiration one day. It seemed too perfect.


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