Thursday, 24 January 2013

OPI - Jade Is The New Black

Hey all,
I'm guess it's about time that I tell you the story of my relationship with nail polish. I think it's interesting to know the hows and whys behind everything. Or rather, the emotional  reasons, the thoughts and feelings. I dwell within that inner world. And I like to take people there with me. 

I can't remember the first time I painted my nails. All I know is that by age 10 I was obsessed. I would sit in the living room, using a little table on wheels while I watched tv. I painted my nails all the time for years. Bright green, yellow, even a bright orange matte that smelled like oranges.
Then high school happened.
I learned fairly quickly that everything about me was not cool. What I know now is that being a "loser" actually meant I was interesting and different. But sadly, you have to go through hell and back to figure that out. So I got rid of all the things that made me me, and one of those things was my "weird nail polish" (I guess my colour choices were bad, I don't know man, it's hard being a 13 year old girl)
The years slowly went by. 
But eventually I graduated and took back everything I once loved about myself. But no, not nail polish. I work as a shipper/receiver. All day long I'm packing boxes and jamming my hands between stacks of paper. I use my hands HARD. What would be the point of putting on polish so it could get ruined right away? It just seemed like a waste. 
Once I got to be 25 I realized it was now or never. Why deny yourself? If it chips, so be it. C'est la vie. It was Feb 2012 and for some reason I just felt an urge. It was an Essie polish that did it. At the drug store I spotted A Cut Above, a pink glitter, and something in me shifted. I bought it. Things just snowballed after that.
Last summer I discovered Nail Polish Canada. I cannot go on enough about their amazing online store. I swear, I will talk endlessly to people that don't even wear polish. Their selection opened up a whole new world to me. I researched endlessly. Swatch after swatch. It became more like hunting than shopping. I'm already a tea snob, and now, thanks to NPC, I'm a polish snob too. And unlike anywhere else they offer rewards points for every dollar you spend! Just recently used some points to get my first free polish. <3

And here it is! OPI - Jade Is The New Black

Jade is a beautiful medium/dark green creme polish with just the tiniest hint of blue. It is such an elegant, intriguing colour. I thought it was so nice I didn't want to distract from it. Well, not too much.

I also picked up a pack of Cats & Hearts nail decals by Cala with my free polish and was eager to try them out. The decals have both brown and white cats,with balls in random colours. So I chose brown and red to perfectly contrast. I really like these decals. Look at how cute that cat is!

You can also see how unhappy my skin is about winter. Paper cuts and dry skin, yay! 

These decals remind me of the Archie Comic manicures I did as a kid. I would cut out speech bubbles, heads, etc. and then stick them to my nails with multiple layers of topcoat. It looked very cool. But these decals are so much easier to get off.

What do you think? Digging the cats? 
And how did you start painting your nails, or get into any of your other hobbies? I'd love to know.

Have a goodnight and a great manicure!


  1. LOVE THE CAT!!!! so good. But where's Kit?!

    1. She was being a typical model. She refused to comply, then went on a catnip binge and didn't sleep for 3 days. I think the flash is getting to her head.


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