Sunday, 20 January 2013

Saran Wrap Manicure

Hey all.
Hope you had a great weekend. I had fun. Took my little brother for his first haircut from one of my oldest and dearest friends. It was very sweet. Not that long ago we were teenagers wrestling around at my brother's first birthday. What do you mean he's a tween now and we're adults? What do you mean one is cutting hair and the other is doing perfect impressions of me?! Growing up is very cool.
I also got to hang out with my two other favorite people and watch a really crappy hockey game. : (  Losing 7-3 is not the best way to start a season. We had a good time though, so let's get over it. On to the manicure!

I wanted to try something new and I remembered the Saran Wrap technique. I'm using the method as explained by TheCraftyNinja.

It was super quick and easy and I think the results are awesome. What do you think?

When I looked outside this morning it was a very grey, foggy day, which inspired my colour palette. I was feeling muted, mellow earth tones. My base colour is OPI - Uh Oh Roll Down The Window (I hate the name, but it's a great shade of army green) & Zoya - Dove 
I love how it looks like smoke or mist billowing through the air. Mysterious and mesmerizing!

I will definitely be trying this technique again soon. It's so simple and versatile. So many colour and texture combinations to play with. I'm fantasizing about shimmers, matte polishes, lots of depth. : ) 

What kind of art day dreams are you having?

here's the pre-saran mugshot :)
OPI Uh Oh Roll Down The Wondow

Anyone drinking amazing tea? I'm still on my Earl Grey kick. I have at least 5 types of Earl Grey. JUST Earl Grey. It's magical, what can I say. 

Thinking about this manicure, and it's smokey look, has got Smoke in the Water by Deep Purple stuck in my head. Do you know it? It's a fun song. And this live performance from 1974 is even funner. Check it out! Great guitar riff, high pitched screeches, organ solo, you name it.

Another manic Monday tomorrow. Rest up and let's start this week off right.
Have a good night and a great manicure!


  1. Love it. Totally get what you were feeling. Moody but subtle. I'd be staring at them all day.

    1. Thanks D! It reminded me of river rocks and jade. Cool & calm.

  2. The nails look great Gio! Deep Purple rocks. Crank up "Space Truckin`"


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