Saturday, 26 January 2013

Space Cadet Spotted

 Hey all!
Today I have another technique I've never tried before! 
Dagadelic is such a sweety. She got me a set of dotting tools! <3
So of course as soon as I got them I had to use them. 
This is my Space Cadet Spotted  Manicure.


The dotters were awesome to use. So easy, though I do need a bit of practice (couple of drag lines).
I'm incredibly pleased with the result. What do you think?
My brain is teeming with ways to use the dotters. 
I think we're going to have a beautiful relationship.
(Thanks D!)


I used Zoya - Raven and Orly - Space Cadet 

Space Cadet is the first douchrome I ever bought! It's so cool. Flashing from pink to copper with a green undertone. It is so mysterious and intriguing.  

The last time I wore Space Cadet was to the Fiona Apple concert in the summer. My manicure was cool, but Fiona was incredible. My friend Shade & I have been fans since we were 16. Finally being able to see her was like going to Mecca or the Vatican. Like a Buddhist seeing the Dalai Lama. A life defining moment. I'm glad Space Cadet could share that with me. So I'll share it with you too!

Here's a video of Fiona live in 2012 performing Not About Love. She knocked me out. So much passion and energy. Every muscle tensed with purpose. This is also pretty much exactly the view I had so you can see her playing the piano, which is a treat.

What do you think?

Let's Spin a Yarn
The shawl I'm working on is coming along. I should be working on the shirt I made too small. But this yarn is so soft and colourful. I can't help myself.

Trust me, you wouldn't want to put it down either.
Is anyone working on any art projects? Winter is a great time for art.

This time next week I have a photo project set up! So excited. I'll be doing portraits. Somewhat professional portraits (my first time) But of course there must be a ton of goofy to balance it out. We'll have a couple drinks, get the self consciousness out and go for  it! I can't wait and I'm frightened all at the same time. <3

Have a good weekend and a great manicure!


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